1410 Albert St, Regina, SK S4R 2R7

Fusion 28


About us

We Are Fusion 28

Welcome to Fusion 28: A Culinary Fusion of Canadian and Asian Breakfast Delights in Regina, Canada. Indulge in the Best of Both Worlds with Our Unique Blend of Flavors, Crafted with Fresh Local Ingredients. Join us for a Breakfast Experience that Transcends Borders and Celebrates the Harmony of Cultural Diversity on Your Plate.

Discover a culinary fusion like no other at Fusion 28 in Regina, Canada. Our restaurant showcases the best of Canadian and Asian breakfast, blending traditional flavors with modern creativity. Indulge in classic Canadian delights, from fluffy pancakes to savory bacon, or embark on an Asian-inspired journey with delectable dim sum and flavorful congee. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, our menu promises a harmonious blend of diverse tastes. Join us for a unique breakfast experience that transcends borders, inviting you to savor the richness of cultural diversity in every bite. Fusion 28 – where Canadian and Asian breakfast traditions unite for a memorable dining adventure.